The Trials and Tribulations of Hiring

The Trials and Tribulations of Hiring

The job market is just that. A market—sometimes the market booms and sometimes, it busts! I remember when news of layoffs and downsizing bombarded the headlines. Today companies struggle to backfill the positions of people leaving their jobs. 

Today’s Economy

It’s tight for some people right now. They find themselves cutting back on dining out and having less money for discretionary spending yet they still earn the same salary. Companies are trying to do more with less and employees are working longer hours to get things done. It’s no wonder employees are reevaluating their line of work. The market for attracting desirable candidates is competitive and often includes employers using creative tactics to attract and retain staff. 

Motivation is Not One Size Fits All

Many younger employees don’t value large homes and high-end vehicles. They seek adventures, vacations, and time off with their young families. Benefit packages must be robust and include unique ideas like unlimited vacation time for staff who meet their goals. Schedules must work to keep employees' lives in balance. If your employees can’t find balance with you, they will seek other opportunities.

We’ve all heard of those plum jobs where you work remotely for 30 hours a week and earn buckets of cash. Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. People who are looking for sustainable careers in health care, energy, and commodities are less inclined to participate in innovative and risky work.  

Today, employees feel leaving their job is comparably easy, as a new offer will likely greet them within hours of leaving their current job. The market allows anyone with a vehicle and a phone to be a driver. No additional requirements and you can be an entrepreneur. This puts employers in the position to be in constant communication with potential employees. Recruitment is here to stay.  

What’s an HR Professional to do?

Your company may not offer all the flexibility, compensation, and benefits your competitors offer. That is when you must create an environment your team is drawn to. Let them make decisions on things to improve their job performance, and help the company grow.  

Identify why you have a great company, and why your most loyal employees stay. Use this valuable information to recruit new staff that adds value to your company. Find out the ways you can make improvements and make those changes. Use it as an opportunity to show the team you care.  

Navigating the hiring market requires employers to develop a network. Even if you aren’t currently hiring, stay in touch with desirable candidates for when you need to fill a specific position. Be ready to ask for referrals from your customers who like working with you. They often know great candidates and are happy to give you a referral.

In closing, remember the hiring market, is a market. Just like any market. Your offer will not be a perfect fit for every candidate and every candidate is not perfect for your job. Be patient and invest the time needed to find that strong fit. You will be rewarded for investing time and resources to attract the right people. Remember, this is a long game.

Shar Hermanson

About the Author : Shar Hermanson

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