Recruitment in 2022 – Navigating the HR Minefield

Recruitment in 2022 – Navigating the HR Minefield

Human Resources

The job where you recruit, retain, attract, console, solve IT issues for remote workers, answer insurance issues, deal with attendance policies, and yes, now the virus is making each day a minefield of new rules. Most HR professionals have 20 to 100 employees under their watch, and now it’s your responsibility to attract new employees. That’s easy, right?

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I want to start by saying “Thank You!” to all Human Resources professionals during these challenging times. Your job is not over, it is just beginning. We need you, your employees need you, and your management team needs you.  

Let’s tackle the concern of recruiting new employees. The lifeblood of your company is out there, and they are eager to hear from you. I know it feels overwhelming, and it is a huge job. Let’s break it down into three simple steps:  

Step One: Determine who your best employees are

Who are your best employees? The ones that if you could find three more just like them, your life would be great. Let’s identify them.  

  • Where do they shop?  
  • Where do they play?  
  • What are their hobbies?  
  • Why do they work for you?  
  • What do they value?

Step Two: Meet them where they are

Surround your desirable candidates with a compelling reason to look at you. Let’s face it. They are busy, too. They are homeschooling, working, and paying bills. They are really engaged in their life, and if you want to attract them, you can’t just ask once and expect them to jump at the notion someone is interested in them. Those who would are probably not the candidates you are looking for. They are also already working for someone else. You never know the moment when they mentally quit their job, but their body is still there.


What you believe they care about may not be it at all. Let’s be honest, high dollar per hour matters, but it’s not everything. It is important, but keep your eyes and ears open to what employees care about. They care about culture. Benefits are important, but who is this company, what impact does it have, how do you show you care about your employees.  

This is no longer just a Human Resources job. It is a marketing job, you are attracting people to your company. It takes years and a lot of testing to understand how marketing works. Let Mid-West Family Madison help you get some work-life balance by allowing us to invest our time to help you do this work. It takes a team, it takes hours, and it takes experience. If you are willing to invest some time in a partnership, we can get you the results you need. We believe it so much, we GUARANTEE it.  

Here’s a recent testimonial from the Human Resource Onboarding Specialist at Stoughton Trailers, Emily Reshower.

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Shar Hermanson

About the Author : Shar Hermanson

I love Flamingos, and only one person has ever asked me why. That person is the one who I would want to be my marketing partner. In a world of formulas and ideas, you need a partner that takes the time to ask you why. In my 22 years of marketing experience, I have learned that asking more and talking less is what makes a great relationship. I work best with growth-minded companies and individuals with an internal drive to succeed. They sleep with their ideas and wake up ready to drink in the opportunity that comes with every sunrise. They have barriers they can’t see because they live with them each day. My team and I identify those barriers to your dreams, and we encourage you to put a flag on your goal. We use inbound and outbound marketing strategies to tell your story to your ideal customer. This reduces customer complaints and issues. We attract your ideal customer. My experience is with radio, newspaper, billboard, website, search, email, and all the other fun tools marketers use. All you will care about is how we find your story and tell it to the right people.