Win the Heart!

Win the Heart!

While some people explore hobbies, recipes, and do-it-yourself projects on the internet, I investigate creativity in all forms for inspiration. A wise consultant once told me his secret of finding such worthy information was hidden in the local classified ads. It would become the knowledge I needed to help me understand his theory. Win the heart and the mind will follow. And lo and behold, right there in the local paper the classified ads held the answer. 

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Of course this was before the internet and instant information access. The lesson was simple. Dry, boring ads filled with details lack the emotion needed to get someone to take action!. 

That being said, I want to share a prime example of a successful classified ad I came across recently on the internet. Let’s start with the headline: Please buy Donnor & Rudolph – $75

I’m thinking, this is cute, and I shift gears to my inquisitive mode and continue to read. What’s this? An adorable wide-eyed picture of two Jersey calves! You just want to reach out and scratch behind their floppy little ears and speak baby cow talk to them. The photo was emotional enough to put me in immediate “buyer” mode. 

But wait! There’s more to winning my heart! There’s a story attached with a much stronger selling point. 

make / manufacturer: Jersey model name / number: bull

“We have for sale two Jersey bull calves, both about 10 days old at the time of this posting. Both of them were born very healthy receiving their mother’s colostrum within an hour of birth. Both are being bottle-fed, growing nicely, and continuing on in good health. 

We are asking $75/ea. We’d love to see them go to a new home together, but would consider selling separately if that arrangement would better fit your needs. Sadly, $75/ea is a bit higher than what we have been asking for calves, and we apologize for having to increase the price. Like everyone else, we are facing much higher costs here on the farm and we are doing what we can to cover our increased costs. 

Looking on the bright side, $150 for two calves is still much cheaper than a puppy, and not that much more than a parakeet. When maturity is reached, I’m quite certain the Jersey beef will be much better eating than the dog or the bird. 

Thank you so much for your consideration.” 

Okay, I’m sold! Are you? 

This ad also says many things about the seller you probably feel good about but isn’t necessarily in plain sight. It implies they’re honest and approachable. They care about the well-being and health of the animals they raise. They have pride and passion for their profession. They are creative thinkers, and they are polite. They could have easily written the ad this way: 

“Two Jersey bull calves for sale $75. Ten days old. Healthy. Raised by honest, polite farmers.” 

Rather dry, unbelievable, and boring huh? 

Which approach do you think will sell the calves quicker? 

Are your messages winning hearts and minds? 

Can I borrow your cattle trailer? 

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Paul Blair

About the Author : Paul Blair

Paul Blair serves as our Creative Services Director writing and producing many award-winning branding and public service campaigns for clients such as Bergstrom, Settlers Bank, Gunderson Life Celebration Centers, Window World, Chalmers Jewelers, Saint Vincent de Paul, The Healthy Place, Genesis Painting, Benjamin Plumbing and many, many more. His successful career at Mid-West Family Madison spans over thirty years.