The Secret To Turning Perfect Strangers Into Your Best Customers

The Secret To Turning Perfect Strangers Into Your Best Customers

Our 7-Minute Guide to Full-Funnel Marketing

Imagine a funnel shape – larger at the top and smaller at the bottom.  If you’ve ever used a funnel to dump oil in your car, you know the benefit of “bigger at the top.”  If you’re anything like me, drops tend to splash out.  In a marketing funnel, that’s ok!

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So what is a marketing funnel?

A funnel is a visual representation of the journey of turning prospects into leads, then leads into customers.  A marketing funnel takes a prospect, or potential customer, through the whole journey from not knowing your business, to purchasing your products or services, to ultimately becoming a champion of your brand.

A full-funnel marketing approach reaches your potential customers at whatever stage of the funnel they are currently in.  Because prospects and customers are in different stages of the funnel, we use different messaging and creative strategies.  This approach also requires different tactics with specific goals and measurements at each stage.

Three Stages of the Mid-West Family Marketing Funnel:

  • Awareness – get people to know you
  • Consideration – get people to like you
  • Conversion – get people to trust you

In order to move customers from one stage to the next, we use storytelling!  We believe telling stories is the best way to turn perfect strangers into your best customers.  

Once you have a clear understanding of who your ideal customers are, you can change the story based on the tactic used.

Let’s use a junk removal service for example:


Tactic:  They hear your ad on a radio station

Story:  “Do you have a yard full of junk?  Is your Honey-Do list full of reminders to get rid of it?  Visit our website to learn more.”


Tactic: They leave your website and are followed around the internet with a remarketing ad

Story: “We offer the best price for your junk and save you time with same-day removal!”


Tactic: They decide it’s time to get rid of their junk.  They search Google, see a sponsored ad, and click to call you for an estimate.

Story: “We’ll match their offer – call today!”

Much like the road to success, the full marketing funnel is not linear.  Your potential customers won’t follow the path exactly how you want them to.  Often people fall out of the funnel at some stage, and that’s okay!   Ask us about our remarketing system to bring prospects back into your marketing funnel.

It’s imperative that full-funnel marketing campaigns have different goals and measurements for success. 

How do you narrow down your goals and find a meaningful way to accomplish them?  Focus on your Customer Value Journey.   Read this for an explanation of each stage.

The audience you are speaking to at the top of the funnel has never heard of you or what you offer.  The audience at the bottom of the funnel is ready to convert and may need a push with an enticing offer, instead of education on who you are.  

Measurement of goals should reflect these differences.


  • Awareness – impressions, reach, new visitors to the website, branded search
  • Consideration – clicks, click-through-rate, shares on social media, new leads generated
  • Conversion – number of conversions, cost per conversion, return on investment, sales 

As prospects move through the funnel, you must measure the campaign.  Measure the impact, analyze results, and launch your next campaign!

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About the Author : Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis works as a Brand Strategist for Mid-West Family Madison with sales and project management experience. She has 5+ years of media experience in digital marketing and Out of Home. She also has experience in market research, technical training, and working with nonprofits. She is a strategic thinker who likes blowing things up just to see if the pieces fit better another way. She’s still negotiating if she can be paid in tacos, ammo, or concert tickets.