The Magic Words That Tie Your Campaign Together

The Magic Words That Tie Your Campaign Together

We’ve talked about the three keys to branding consistency, frequency, and anchoring. Let’s focus on the consistency portion of the formula as it relates to your marketing efforts. 

Strategy Words

These are the magic words that best describe what you want to be known for in the marketplace. Some people may refer to this as a positioning statement. No matter what you call them they are the words you want to own. They are the words you live by. They are the words that differentiate you from your competitor. 

  • Papa John's—Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.
  • Geico—15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. 
  • Motel 6—A little more in some places a little less in others but always a clean, comfortable room. 

These are national examples of multi-million dollar brands that rely on the power of their strategy words. You see and hear them on tv, radio, billboards, magazines, and websites. What you don’t hear is Geico saying 12 minutes on their television commercials and you don’t see them touting 20 minutes on their billboards! Your strategy words must be consistent across all your radio ads, TV, billboard, website, youtube, vehicle wraps, social media, and sidewalk chalk!

Here’s a Little Secret

You don’t have to be a multi-million dollar national brand with a trillion-dollar marketing budget to use strategy words correctly. Our local successful branding partners are encouraged to use their own strategy words to position themselves against competitors. 

  • Benjamin Plumbing—You have a friend in the plumbing business. 
  • Swita Metal Roofing—The last roof you’ll ever need! 
  • Settler’s Bank—Timely decisions. People you know. 

Your strategy words should answer the question in the consumer's mind, “Why should I do business with you?” Then you make those words really mean something by dramatizing them with powerful storytelling. Your customers need to know you are indeed the same company that stands for “your strategy words here” no matter where they see or hear about you! Consistently remind people who you are, what you stand for, and why they should do business with you. 

Tips for discovering your strategy words

  • Keep it Short
    “Got Milk?” “Let’s go places.”
  • Be Authentic
    Avis’s “We try harder” was gold because everyone knows Hertz is in the top spot.
  • Take a Stance
    Taco Bell takes aim at fast food chains with, “Think outside the bun.” 

Don’t have a positioning statement or strategy words? We’re here to help you develop one.

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Paul Blair

About the Author : Paul Blair

Paul Blair serves as our Creative Services Director writing and producing many award-winning branding and public service campaigns for clients such as Bergstrom, Settlers Bank, Gunderson Life Celebration Centers, Window World, Chalmers Jewelers, Saint Vincent de Paul, The Healthy Place, Genesis Painting, Benjamin Plumbing and many, many more. His successful career at Mid-West Family Madison spans over thirty years.