You’re on Mute: How to Speak Up with Podcasting

You’re on Mute: How to Speak Up with Podcasting

Does your marketing need a strategy to rise above the noise? Do you want to reach new audiences and increase brand loyalty? 

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As an influencer and expert content marketer, Ebo speaks to the power of podcasting. Learn how podcasting helps business owners and marketers deliver their message to the right audience, at the right time, on any device!

Ebo is a key member of our on-air talent for 96.7 The Zone, 106.7 The Resistance, and 94.1 JJO.  He hosts long-format podcasts that average 50-70 min each and grew his audience by 41% from November to December 2020.  He averages monthly downloads ranging from 930-1300!  [ Over the Line Podcast]

Podcasting, just like blogging or posting on social media, is one train car on your content marketing railroad.  It becomes content you own and can live forever.  A podcast is a way to distribute your message but does not work well without a fundamental plan or rail map. 

(Unless you are The Boxcar Children, then it works pretty well as a home).

With any marketing tactic or idea, you MUST start with a plan.  Determine your business goals, confirm how you will measure success, identify your target audience, and go where your audience is.

“Isn’t podcasting just another shiny marketing toy to chase?”

Hardly. But don’t take our word for it.

In December 2020, Borrell & Associates surveyed 2262 local advertisers nationwide.  Here’s what they said:

  • Of businesses using podcast/online audio, 36% believe effectiveness grew in 2020
  • 13% expected growth in annual spending on podcasts in 2021
  • 64% of businesses using content marketing will spend more in 2021, 40% of businesses not using it will start spending
  • 25% don’t know how much they’ll spend on online audio in 2021

“You’re just trying to sell me your podcast services!”

STOP RIGHT THERE.  Yes, we’re good at podcasting, and yes, it is a key part of the services we offer here. 

However, you MUST have a strategy and match the needs of your audience.  If podcasting is your way to answer common questions or connect your brand with your audiences’ emotions – carry on!

If you launch a podcast just for the SEO boost or to hear yourself talk, spend your money elsewhere.

Why should I partner with Mid-West Family for my podcasting needs?

Ebo said it well in the video above.

  • Over 100 combined years of audio experience
  • Professional recording studio, video and audio production, editing, sound engineer, optional talent co-host, etc. 
  • Storyboard and planning meetings
  • Curate content in a searchable database on your website – a digital hub for your business!

Don’t be intimidated by the technology. 

Here at Mid-West Family, we have all the tools you need to successfully incorporate podcasting into your business.

Focus on telling a story and let us help you captivate your audience!

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Amanda Davis

About the Author : Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis is a Senior Brand Strategist for Mid-West Family Madison with extensive creative strategy experience. She has 8+ years of media experience in digital marketing and Out of Home. She also has experience in market research, technical training, and working with nonprofits. She is a strategic thinker who likes blowing things up just to see if the pieces fit better another way.