What’s In Your Toolbox?

What’s In Your Toolbox?

I thought I had all of the tools to handle any home repair project thrown at me. After all, my dual role as husband, father, and grandpa includes handyman, repairman, and groundskeeper dictates I have the required equipment. That was until I recently asked one of my sons to assist me with a plumbing project. 

He opened my eyes to all of the latest tools—a lighted-wizo-matic, space age stud finder, and a superhero type of screwdriver that seems to repair just about everything. It has a built-in flashlight! What will they come up with next? It suddenly dawned on me—I lack the latest, coolest toolbox inventory! I’ve not been working smarter but only harder in my domestic capacity.  

Like most people, you probably have a jack in your vehicle in case you get a flat tire. Your kitchen cabinets are most likely full of gadgets. And the garage? Well, we all know what’s available on the shelves out there, if you can find it when you need it. 

As you market your business, knowing what tools are available is as important as the people teaching you how to use them effectively. The list to choose from includes everything from brand development to event marketing, digital tools to broadcast radio, and everything in between.

Some things to consider.

  • Is your website performing to your expectations? Is it worth investing in a new one? 
  • What about social media? How are you reaching out to your current customers and adding new ones to your pool of believers and followers? 
  • Are you a prime candidate for podcasts, broadcasts, or both? 
  • And what about SEO, OTT, and PPC?
  • VIDEO! You have to look at how video can do everything from helping you hire new staff to raising your search rankings.

It may seem like a lot, and you’re right there is a lot to think about, but don’t let the mountain of information interfere with your marketing motivation. The team at MWF can clearly explain it all. If Nasa’s Perseverance Rover can find organic matter on Mars we can certainly find the marketing solutions you’re looking for here on Earth and help you implement them with successful results! 

Our staff of Wizards are here to teach and guide you through the process in easy-to-understand language without all the jargon. Check your marketing toolbox and think about what you might be missing, what you would like to improve upon, and what you might need to replace! Then give us a call, there are so many exciting, ever-evolving options to explore!

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Paul Blair

About the Author : Paul Blair

Paul Blair serves as our Creative Services Director writing and producing many award-winning branding and public service campaigns for clients such as Bergstrom, Settlers Bank, Gunderson Life Celebration Centers, Window World, Chalmers Jewelers, Saint Vincent de Paul, The Healthy Place, Genesis Painting, Benjamin Plumbing and many, many more. His successful career at Mid-West Family Madison spans over thirty years.