OTT is Over the Top Effective... Here's why!

OTT is Over the Top Effective... Here's why!

Gone are the days of racing to the living room after school to catch the PBS show Cyberchase before dinner! Missed the final question on Jeopardy? Before, you were out of luck. Now you can watch almost any show or movie whenever you want.

What does that mean for business owners? Another tool or tactic to learn?

Thanks to the ever-evolving advertising world, staying on top of the latest technology and trends can be challenging. Don’t worry. We got you.

One trend that's revolutionizing audience connection is Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising. This dynamic and versatile tool reshapes the video game by delivering content directly to viewers via internet-connected devices, bypassing traditional broadcast methods.

So what the heck is OTT advertising, and how does it help your business? Let’s break it down and talk about key business benefits.  

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Targeted Ads

OTT advertising offers you the opportunity to reach highly targeted audiences with personalized messages and measure campaign effectiveness with precision. OTT advertising amplifies your brand visibility, engages with your target market on a deeper level, and drives meaningful results. 

Instead of buying a timeslot or a specific channel, you can buy an audience


OTT allows precise targeting through user data. By leveraging OTT platforms, advertisers gain valuable insights into viewers' preferences, demographics, and locations. This wealth of information enables the creation of highly personalized ads. Better personalization breeds better connections with the audience.   

Tailored messaging and creative content enhances your brand visibility and maximizes your return on investment.

Enhancing Ad Formats with Increased Flexibility

Adaptability is crucial in OTT advertising. Unlike traditional media, OTT platforms offer a wide range of ad styles, including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. Some platforms even provide interactive ad formats to engage users. 

In addition to flexible ad formats, OTT presents non-skippable ads, guaranteeing uninterrupted viewing of your entire advertisement. But remember—Spiderman’s Uncle Ben warned us that power comes with great responsibility.


Don't use non-skippable ads as a band aid for poor creative. Just because an ad isn’t skippable doesn’t mean your audience shouldn’t get to enjoy it. You can ensure relevance and boost audience engagement by aligning your ads with the tone, themes, and subject matter of the OTT content. Remember, ads seamlessly blending with the viewing experience will resonate with consumers. Neglecting the content context can result in a mismatch and potential negative associations. 

This flexibility in ad format, length, and skip-ability sparks creativity and empowers strategic ad campaigns. Understanding your audience and customizing your strategies to their preferences is paramount. Use the invaluable data insights gained from OTT platforms to support this process.

Measuring Results

OTT advertising revolutionizes the way you connect with your audience. You can precisely track and evaluate ad performance with its advanced analytics and metrics. Get real-time insights on impressions, completion rates, click-through rates, and audience engagement. Better data guides optimizing strategies, maximizing ad spend, and producing measurable results.

Budget Considerations

OTT advertising is a cost-effective solution. With OTT advertising, you can set specific budget limits, giving you complete control over your ad spending. No surprises or unexpected expenses.  Costs will vary depending on which OTT platform, ad format, and audience targeting you choose.  

Want premium placement on the Weather Channel? We can help! That audience will likely cost much more than a broad-reach campaign across numerous platforms.

Length Matters!

A video (ad) should be as long as it needs to be and not a second longer. On the Harmon Brothers Podcast episode ‘Don’t Kid Yourself: Video Ad Length Matters,’ they firmly state, “The worst thing you can do in advertising is outstay your welcome.” 

When creating your OTT advertisement, think about mixing in some short forms such as 8 or 15-second options. Attention spans are short (squirrel!), so shorter ads tend to perform better. Aim for concise and captivating ads to retain viewer interest and effectively deliver your message. Strike a balance between brevity and completeness - longer content can work if your message is complex. 

Why Mid-West Family Madison?

Effective marketing starts with the story. Then tell your story consistently across various platforms in various ways. Collaborate with experienced advertising agencies to significantly enhance the success of your campaign. We offer a true OTT product, including mobile apps within our data network. We have access to over 1000 network apps and publisher sites for video placement, including Samsung TV Plus, Paramount, TLC, Comedy Central, Sling TV, MTV, AMC, Pluto TV, CBS News, Fox News, Fox Sports, fuboTV, Roku, Cooking Channel, Univision, Food Network, Discovery, History Channel, ESPN, NBC Sports, Cartoon Network, Disney….plus all the Streaming TV networks like Vizio, Samsung, LG, Dish etc.  

OTT advertising represents both the present and future of advertising, offering precise targeting, measurable outcomes, and the ability to connect with cord-cutting audiences. You can maximize your impact by harnessing its power, keeping your audience's interests and viewing habits at the core of your strategy.  

Ready to put video advertising to work for your brand? Mid-West Family Madison is here to guide you every step of the way. Our team can help you leverage the full potential of OTT platforms to amplify your reach and engagement. Contact us today!

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Amanda Davis

About the Author : Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis is a Senior Brand Strategist for Mid-West Family Madison with extensive creative strategy experience. She has 8+ years of media experience in digital marketing and Out of Home. She also has experience in market research, technical training, and working with nonprofits. She is a strategic thinker who likes blowing things up just to see if the pieces fit better another way.